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Rotary Wheel

T he Methodist Church, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham,
on Saturday 3rd February 2018 at 7.00 pm.
This is an annual competition for aspiring local Musicians, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street.
Organised by the committee of 'The James Etherington Music Trust' Awards.

Photographs courtesy of Rotarian Brian Corker PHF, Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street.

All Contestants
All contestants appearing happy but a bit nervous!
President Kevin Jobson, RC Schester-le-Street


President Kevin Jobson, Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street, declares the competition open.
James Etherington Music Awards Trophy.
Will Fox at the Piano
First Place:  Will Fox, piano.
Faith Whiteley, Flute
Lettuce Yang, Piano
Equal Second Place: Faith Whiteley, Flute.
Equal Second Place: Lettuce Yang, Piano.
Felix Collins
Equal Second Place: Felix Collins, Guitar.
Stephen Wroe - Treasurer, The James Etherington Music Trust, welcoming the participants to this year's music awards.
Presentations to the participants by Bob Watson BEM, Past-Chairman of the James Etherington Music Trust:
The Winner, Will Fox, receiving 'The James Etherington Trophy' from Bob Watson and his Winner's cheque for £350.
Faith Whiteley receiving her prize.
Lettuce Yange receives her award
Equal Second Place: Faith Whitelely receiving her award of £150 from Bob Watson.
Equal Second Place: Lettuce Yang receives her award 0f £150 from Bob Watson.
FelixCollins, Gutiarist
Equal Second Place: Felix Collins receiving his award of £150 from Bob Watson.
Five Joint Runners up:
Alexander Akehurst,Teneor.
Alexander Akehurst,Teneor..
Runner-up: Alexander Akehurst,Tenor.
Runner-up: Alexander Akehurst, Tenor, receiving his award of £30 from Bob Watson.
Nicola Evans - Cornet
Nicola Evans - Cornet.
Runner-up: Nicola Evans - Cornet
Runner-up: Nicola Evans - Cornet, receiving her award of £30 from Bob Watson. 
Mark Humphries, Oboe.
Mark Humphries receing his award.
Runner-up: Mark Humphries, Oboe.
Runner-up: Mark Humphries, Oboe, receiving his award of £30 from Bob Watson.
Owen Morris, Euphonium
Owen Morris, Euphonium
Runner-up: Owen Morris, Euphonium. 
Runner-up: Owen Morris, Euphonium, receiving his award of £30 from Bob Watson.
Tiffany Williams
Runner-up: Tiffany Williams, Singer
Runner-up: Tiffany Williams, Singer, receiving her award of £30 from Bob Watson. 
All contestants
All contestants appearing somewhat happier!
  Peter Barker - Chairman, The James Etherington Music Trust, giving the final 'Thank you' to all concerned.
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