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Grace House Children's Hospice Appeal.
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"The Christian definition of Grace is pure love".

Rtn David Hughes
Rotarian David Hughes is a man of many talents; a retired businessman, soldier, author, watercolour artist, public speaker, and an extraordinary charity fundraiser, to mention a few.

For a number of years, aided by his associate and friend, Rotarian Bill Fish of the Rotary Club of Durham Bede, David has worked to raise large amounts of money to help the charities he supports:
Please read on and perhaps purchase of a book or painting or greeting cards to help support two very worthy charities:

Special Children (52Kb) Grace House is a hospice for children with special needs and their families and is located in the City of Sunderland. £5000,000 is required to build and upkeep the hospice fot its first year..
To help to raise funds towards this amount, David Hughes, has written and published a book entitled 'Special Children'. David has sensitively captured the stories of some of the children and their families and gives an insight into the happiness as well as the adversity in their lives. The book is very special. It tugs the heart strings! Published in 2005 the price is: £6.95 and all proceed goe to Grace House Children's Hospice Appeal.

To order this book please click: Order Form (.PDF) and print it off.

In Which Language Does a Child Cry (60Kb)'In Which Language Does a Child Cry' is the biography of, Alice Sahhir, a Palestinean Christian lady who has devoted her life to orphaned children in the middle-east at The Jeel-Al-Amal Orphange for Boys and The Lazurus Home for Girls, both in Bethany, Palestine. It is the true story of Alice Sahhir who has devoted 50 years of her life caring for orphaned children in Jerusalem and Bethany. She has faced danger, survived cancer and is known world-wide for her unique faith and vision.
David wrote and published the book in 2003 at Alice Sahhir's request. All proceeds from the sales of book goes to support the two Orphanges. It tells the story of a lifetime, the heartbreak and worry, spent caring for homeless children in Palestine. The book sells succesfully in many countries for £5.99 and all proceeds go to help support the orphanges in Palestine.

To order this book please click: Order Form (.PDF) and print it off.

To use the .PDF format you will require Adobe Reader 7.0. It can be obtained as a free download from the Internet.

Rotarian David Hughes is also an award winning watercolour artist

The greetings cards below are from his 'Grace House' series
and are examples of all-purpose greetings cards printed from original paintings by David Hughes.
The greetings cards are available for sale in packs of 4 @ £1.99.
To order a set please click: Order Form (.PDF) and print it off.
A Journey to Remember (60Kb) David Hughes wrote his first book, 'A Journey to Remember' in 1985 after encouragement to write it by his wife, May, but it was only published in 2000 following May's sad death in 1999. Born in 1925 David began his career as a Butcher's boy in the Co-op, Murton, Co Durham, at 14 years of age. This career was only interrupted by a two year spell in the Army for his national service. He went on to become Chief Executive and was a well known innovator and revolutionary in retailing in the 1950 - 1960s. David retired in 1987 after 48 years of business life and wrote this autobiography. It is an inspiring read of what any man can achieve no matter what his origin.
The book was highly successful world-wide. Unforunately the book is now out of print but it can be obtained on loan from the public library.
The Reluctant Author (38Kb)
This book 'The Reluctant Author' is about David Hughes, born in 1925. It is his second book and was published in 2002. It tells the story of his family and business life and its ups and downs, through to the death of his beloved wife, May, in 1999. After suffering a period of depressiopn he relates the amazing twists and turns his life has since taken while retirement, to achieving world-wide recoqnition as a self-taught author and watercolour painter; all in pursuit of charitable causes. Now in his 81st year and still writing, painting and fund-raising; this book is an inspiration to all senior citizens and aspiring authors of any age.
Ned (35Kb)

recounts the trials, tribulations, the financial hardship and wealth, encountered by David's father and mother during their lifetime together in the northeast of England, working down the mines and running public houses during the early to mid 20th century. It is a story of poverty, occasional wealth, Ned's battle with alcoholism and its effect on his family. A heart warming story of triumph over adversity. David wrote and published 'Ned' in 2004.