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 The Value of Fellowship & Friendship - (A video .pps courtesy of Rotarian Kevin Jobson - to all Rotarians regardless of age)
* PHF denotes a Paul Harris Fellow.
A Paul Harris Fellowship is the highest award in Rotary which can be awarded to Rotarians & also non-Rotarians for their charitable work.

Rev. Derek Aldridge
Hon. Member Rev. Derek Aldridge

Rev. Derek Aldridge is a Methodist Minister.  In July 2013 Derek became an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street.

Alan Campbell PHF
Rotarian Alan Campbell (27Kb)
Rotarian Alan Campbell
, is a retired Police Officer and a Past President of The RotaryClub of Chester-le-Street, where he was awarded the a Paul Harris Fellowship for his dedicated work in Rotary. 

Alan is a former member of Council of Rotary District 1030.

Brian Corker PHF - Chair of Club International Service.
Rotarian Brian Corker (22Kb)
Rotarian Brian Corker i
s a Past President of The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street and, for the second time, was Club President 2010-2011.  On Saturday, 3rd May 2014, he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Brian is a retired BBC TV Engineer and a keen 'Radio Ham'.

A Chester-le-Street man through and through, Brian joined BBC on leaving Chester-le-Street Grammar School, where he was recruited as “Engineer Designate “in 1959. He worked at Dickenson Road BBC Studios and with the Outside Broadcasting Unit, Manchester.

In 1960 he was moved to the newly opened BBC News Studio, Newcastle upon Tyne. In the following years Brian was instrumental in solving various Television Operational and System problems, which resulted in the BBC having a number of Technical Suggestions and Patents credited.

After successfully taking the BBC's internal examinations, Brian qualified as a C. Eng.

In 1969 Brian was appointed Assistant Lecturer and later Lecturer to the BBC Engineering Training Department, Woodnorton, Evesham, Worcestershire. At that time, Woodnorton was the only Broadcast Engineering Training College in the World; and he did a lot of lecturing in the 1970’s and 1980’s on Engineering and Operations. During this period of his career Brian was also seconded periodically to the Technical Investigation Unit at Television Centre.

Brian's broadcasting career also involved the Reorganisation of the Receiving Unit for Overseas Broadcasting on Ascension Island, Public Relations with the BBC Engineering Information Dept. and the introduction of Television Broadcasting for the Sultan of Brunei in Borneo.

In 1985 because of seniority, regular medical assessments were carried out in London, when he subsequently experienced early closure of his contract and was offered early retirement. Subsequently Brian's expertise was employed after the formation of a Technical Support Company for TV Advertising Facility Houses and Studios. He was also invited to Lecture at New College, Durham, on mathematics, advanced mathematics, electronics, micro electronics, computing and power distribution engineering.

All this came to an end in 1991, following a Hit & Run traffic incident; that sentenced Brian to a wheelchair for several years. However every cloud has a silver lining and Brian is thankful, for life with his wife Jean, and also as a Rotarian in helping him regain quality of life.

Colin Crozier

Eric Donkin
Rotarian Eric Donkin (57Kb)Rotarian Eric Donkin
is long standing Rotarian with The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street.

Eric is a Past-President of ProBus and a leading member of Chester-le-Street Methodist Church.

Dennis Draper - SponsoredWalk Organiser.
Rotarian Dennis Draper (24Kb)
Rotarian Dennis Draper
joined the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street  on Friday, 25th February 2005. Dennis is a local businessman, a Sports Massuer.

Dennis has served the Club as Sports Officer which he relinquished on 30th June 2014.  Currently Dennis is the Organiser of the Club's Annual Sponsored Walk which helps raise funds for the President's chosen charities.

Bill Holden PHF - Chair of Club Foundation.

Rotarian Bill Holden
is a retired Pharmicist by profession and was President of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street for the year 2008-2009. Bill is currently the Club Foundation Chair.

On Saturday, 3rd May 2014, he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Bill is also a member and Secretary of The Royal Society of St George.

Kenneth Howe PHF
Rotarian Ken Howe - Winner of the 'Vernon Ferens Golf Trophy', Seahouses, Northumberland 2003 (41Kb)
Rotarian Kenneth Howe
, who is a Solicitor by profession, is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street (1985-1986), and a Paul Harris Fellow. Kenneth was inducted into the Club in 1977.  His main Rotary interest has been Rotary Foundation and he was Chairman of the Club’s Foundation Committee for many years. He hosted many Rotarian Scholars studying at Durham University as well as Group Study Exchange Teams visiting Distict 1030 and became a member of the District Foundation Committee.

Kenneth served as District Foundation Chairman selecting and choosing students from our District to study at Universities abroad on Rotary Scholarships - as well as selecting and choosing Group Study Exchange Teams to travel abroad to Rotary Districts throughout the world.

Kenneth then went on to serve as a Zone Chairman (now known as an Assistant District Govenor ) of our Rotary District 1030.

Kenneth is a keen golfer and has represented the Club in golf competitions in particular the District 1030 'Eykenbloom Golf Competition'.  Also our own Club 'Vernon Ferens Golf Competition', which Trophy was donated by a stalwart member of the Club who had an immense and dominating character who wanted all golfing members of the club whatever their ability to join in a Club golfing competition.

David Hughes PHF
Rotarian David Hughes (23Kb)
Rotarian David Hughes is a man of many talents; a retired businessman, soldier, author, watercolour artist, public speaker, and an extraordinary charity fundraiser, to mention a few.

For a number of years, aided by his associate and friend, Rotarian Bill Fish (unfortunately now deceased), David has worked to raise large amounts of money to help the charities he supports. Click on the link: 'Charitable Projects' to read about some of his charitable activities, notably his 'Grace House' project and 'Book Launch' project.

On Friday, 20th September 2013, David was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship (PHF) by his Fellow Rotarians for his extensive charity work.  A PHF is the highest award that can be made in Rotary.

Ken Jackson - Treasurer.

Rotarian Ken Jackson
was inducted into The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street on Friday 18th September 2009.

Rotarian Ken is currently the Club Treasurer.

Kevin Jobson - Secretary, IT Officer, Webmaster.
Past-President Kevin Jobson (7Kb)
Rotarian Kevin Jobson
was inducted into the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street in 1997 and was elected President for the year 2003 - 2004.  Subsequently he was District IT Officer and Webmaster for Rotary District 1030 until July 2007. 

Currently he is Secretary and IT Officer/Webmaster for the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street.

For 24 years Kevin Jobson served with the Royal Military Police, mainly in the Special Investigation Branch (SIB), at home and abroad.  On retirement in 1981 he was recruited into the Post Office Investigation Department with a remit to investigate crimes committed against the Post Office and its related businesses. 

In 1997 he finally retired to play golf and fell-walk in Northumberland and North Yorkshire but now, in the main, spends his time with his wife and family and, among other interests, designs & maintains websites to stay out of mischief. 

Kevin and his wife Ursula attend St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Birtley, Tyne & Wear, where he is a Special Minister.  Kevin created and manages the parish website:

He is a founder Member and a Past-Chairman of Northumbria Branch of The Royal Society of St George, website: which he designed and manages.

A Life Member of the Royal Military Police Association (RMPA), he is a member of the Royal Military Police  Association's (Northeast Branch), where he has served as Branch Vice-Chairman & Branch Secretary, and recently designed and maintains RMPA NE Branch website:

On 30 May 2009, he was appointed Vice-President for life of the Royal Military Police Association (SIB Branch), website: which he designed and manages.

He and his wife have been for some years, until 2012, active members/fundraisers of the charity, Tyneside Leukaemia Research Association, for whom he designed and managed their first website.

Before retirement, in his professional capacity, Kevin was a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Investigators, a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and a Member of the Forensic Science Society.

Jim Lawrence PHF. President-elect.

Rotarian Jim Lawrence
is a retired Businessman and is a Past-President for the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street, who was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship (PHF) for his charitable work.

On Friday, 4th July2014, Jim was inducted as President-elect for the rotary year 2015-2016, which will be his third time in office.

George Nattrass
Alex J. Nelson, BA, MBA, MTS, FCILT, FRGS.  Immediate Past-President and Membership Officer.
Rotarian Alex Nelson, on duty at Chester-le-Street Railway Station (30Kb)
Rotarian Alex J. Nelson
is the Club's Immediate Past-President having been President during the years 2013-2014.  Currently he is the Club's Membership Officer.

He is Stationmaster of Britain's busiest independent railway station in the town of Chester-le-Street, Co Durham. The station lies on the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh, and employs five staff booking journeys throughout the United Kingdom. It was unstaffed, derelict and unloved until Alex, after a career in the bus and coach industry and an entrepreneur in group travel, opened the station in 1999.

Alex joined Rotary two years later during the presidency of Rotarian Brian Straughan.

Although hailing from London, where he is a Freeman and Liveryman of the City, Alex is proud to live in Chester-le-Street and has done much to draw attention to the fact that the Gospels were first translated into English in Chester-le-Street (around 970AD), where he is now pleased to live. He is a regular speaker at other Rotary Clubs explaining how to save money on rail fares and telling the story of his little railway station which has doggedly held on to the internet name against the machinations of larger companies.

A qualified transport professional, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a member of The Royal Society of St George.

Alex hopes that in future years it will be possible for other people to download his own brain to acquire rapidly his encyclopaedic knowledge of all Britains towns and cities and railways operating between them!

Fred Richards PHF- Chair of Club Service.
Past President Fred Richards (24Kb)

Rotarian Fred Richards
is a Past-President of The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street and continues to be an active member of the Club.
  He was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for his rotary charity work.

Fred Richards is a retired Businessman, having been a successful and well known Florist in the town for many years.

John Stewart - Chair of Community & Vocational Service/PRO.
Rotarian John Stewart (49Kb)
Rotarian John Stewart
was inducted into The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street on Friday, 12th November 2010, and is currently the Club's Chair of Commuity & Vocational Service and the Rotary Club's Public Relations Officer.


Brian J. Straughan: President-nominee.

Rotarian Brian Straughan
is a Chartered Accounant in Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

From 2000 - 2001 Brian was President of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street and subsequenty was the Club's Treasurer for some years and former Club Chair of Rotary Foundation.

Currently Brian is President-nominee 2016-2017, when he will be Club President for his second time in office.

Brian is also a member of The Royal Society of St George.

Jonathan Nicholson (Jack) Straughan FCA, FTII, PHF
Past-President Jack Straughan (41Kb)
Rotarian Jack Straughan
has been in business for many years as an Chartered Accountant in Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

On 1st of May 1956, he was inducted into The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street and subsequently was elected Club President from 1966 - 1967. Jack is a Paul Harris Fellow and continues to be an active Rotarian at the Club.

On 29th June 2001, Jack's son, the then Club President, Rotarian Brian Straughan, on his last official duty before handing over his Presidency, had the happy honour to present The Paul Harris Fellowship award to his father, Jack Straughan.

Jack Straughan has strived for excellence during a busy and committed business life. He is a Partner of Chartered Accountancy Firms:
  • B.J. Straughan & Partners of Chester-le-Street and Stanley, Co Durham.
  • John Alderdice & Son of Consett, Co Durham.
  • Rainbow, Straughan & Elliott of Sunderland.
During his successful career in accountancy, Jack Straughan achieved a number of academic and other awards:-
  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.
  • Fellow of the Institute of Taxation.
  • Past President of The Northern Society of Chartered Accountants.
  • Freeman of the City of London.
  • Member of The Chartered Accountants Livery Company.
  • Rotary Paul Harris Fellow.
An active Christian and Methodist Churchman, Jack is a Lay Preacher at the Methodist Church, in Chester-le-Street.
Rotarian Jack Straughan's other interests include being a member of Durham County Cricket Club and writing short stories. He continues to reside in Chester-le-Street.

Jack is also a member of The Royal Society of St George.

John Tootill - President 2014-2015.
Rotarian John Tootill (40Kb)

Rotarian John Tootill
was inducted into the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street on Friday, 9th March 2012.  A former Army Officer, John is very active in rotary.

On Friday, 4th July 2014, John was inducted as Club President for the rotary year 2014-2015.

Peter S. Usher, B.Sc, FRICS, JP, PHF
Rotarian Peter Usher (78Kb)
Rotarian Peter S. Usher
is a retired Chartered Surveyor, Auctioneer and Valuer. He joined Chester-le-Street Rotary Club in 1965 and was elected Club President 1973-74.  Later Peter was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for his work in Rotary.

A Past-President, Paul Harris Fellow and a long-standing Rotarian of The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street, , Peter was educated at London University - 1948-51.  He did his National Service in the Royal Artillery.(Survey Regt.) - 1951-53.   Subsequently he went into Private Practice with his father, Leonard Usher, trading in Chester-le-Street as J.G.Usher & Son (est. 1893-1995).

Peter's father, Leonard Usher, was also a Rotarian of reknown. Rotarian Leonard Usher was Chester-le-Street Rotary Club's President 1934-35 and later became Rotary District 1030's Governor 1954-56.

Active both socially and in business, Peter Usher was the Founder Chairman of Chester-le-Street Round Table 1955-57, Area 20 Chairman 1962-63, Tax Commissioner 1996-2001, Justice of the Peace 1965-2001, and is the present Honorary Vice-President of Chester le Street Golf Club.

Peter has numerous other local interests, which he hopes will continue into the foreseeable future!

Tony Vass
Rotarian Tony Vass was inducted into The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street on Friday, 4th January 2013. 

With effect from the 4th July 2014, Tony has taken on the role of Club Sports Officer.

Tom Vout

Bob Watson BEM, PHF - Programme Editor.
Rotarian Bob Watson (12Kb)
Rotarian Bob Watson
is a Past-President of The Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street and a Paul Harris Fellow.

A retired Head Teacher, Bob, is a renowned and talented Musician, and a Trustee of the James Etherington Music Awards, an annual competion for aspiring young Musicians in the Chester-le-Street area.

In 2013 in Her Majesty The Queen's New Year's Honours List, Bob was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his service to Education, Music and Charity in the Chester-le-Street Community.

Linda Watson PHF
Rotarian Linda Watson (56Kb)
Rotarian Linda Watson
became the first lady member of The Rotary Club of Chester-Le-Street on Friday 9th January 2009. 

On Friday, 6th July 2012, Linda was inducted as President of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street for the rotary year 2012-2013..

Linda is a retired Teacher and has been and still is, after many years, the Producer/Director of the amateur theatre/drama group 'Youth Connection', a local charity. For her dedication to drama and theatre, within the local community, nationally and internationally, she was awarded by Rotary a Paul Harris Fellowship; the highest award in Rotary.

On Friday, 1st March 2013, Councillor Linda Marshall JP, Chair Durham County Council (DCC), awarded Linda Watson the Chairman's Medal, for services over many years and several generations of school children to education & drama for the benefit of young people within the Chester-le-Street community. The Chairman's Medal is the highest honour Durham County Council can award any of its citizens.

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